Fun . . . With Teeth?

Teeth . . not exactly the most interesting of subjects unless, of course, you are a dentist! But this has become a focal point of family life in recent weeks.

Firstly there was the ordeal of having photographs taken to accompany my application for a new passport . . my first as a Mrs! The photo booth where the grand event took place was barely big enough to swing a hamster, nevermind accommodate me and my oversized handbag!  After much rustling of the curtain and swivelling of the little white stool I sat prepared for the photograph and remembered . . . NO SMILING! Now why is it that the “powers at be” do not permit teeth in the British Passport? Do we really look so different with our pearly whites on show? Will we compromise national security by offering a big Cheshire cat grin? I think not!! Needless-to-say for the next ten years, the pictorial evidence of my citizenship to this country is a toothless mug shot that will leave customs officers, the world over, wondering which of her Majesty’s institutions I have escaped from.

Next there is the unusual case of my daughter, who at ten years old still has a large number of baby teeth. Popular culture appears to indicate that this is a positive thing; however the reality is that our doctors of dentistry really don’t seem to know what to do about stubborn milk gnashers, particularly when they may be obstructing the growth of permanent teeth.  To extract or not to extract? – that is the question!! Simple you’d think, but apparently not so! In total three dentists and one orthodontist have scratched their heads vacantly. However, finally today (six months after the initial appointment) we have an answer. The molars in question are coming out!

And finally there is something I’m desperate to get my TEETH into – my novel! It’s been a long time since I put pen to paper, but recently my creative juices have been flowing and I’m feeling ready to take a huge bite – with really big, sharp, pointy teeth!


So what do you think??

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