To the beat of the African drum …

This week my brother-in-law celebrated his birthday – the BIG 40! And to mark the occasion he chose to tend his South African roots with a visit to Jabula, a South African restaurant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The food was amazing – the crocodile snappy, the ostrich a little chicken-like, but distinct all the same; and the Cape bobotie, with all its delicious spices, was enough to warm the most frosty heart.

The entertainment was also delightful, with African singing and a rather bizarre bush-tucker trial (for the birthday boy of course!), that was certainly not for the faint hearted. Lets just say that the South African Peripatopsids (Velvet Worm to you and I) didn’t stand a chance! I’m assured, however, that this “delicacy” (erm . . . apparently it is!) is only brought out for “special occasions!” Personally I’d have preferred a chunky slice of birthday cake as opposed to a chunky worm, but then the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

But the highlight of the night definitely lay with my daughter (age 10) and two nieces (ages 6 & 4) who took on the challenge of playing the African drums. The BOOM, BOOM, BOOM is still resounding in my ear-drums as I blog!! (Only joking!!). Actually, we discovered that the younger generation of the family all have a certain “ear” for rhythm and music – something I will remind my sister of this coming Christmas when I buy my nieces a junior drum kit . .  (tee hee!).


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