Black Cat Business . . .

Thanks to my cat, Mindy, today started with a cold glass of water splashed all over my face! (Who needs an alarm clock?) I’d like to say that it was invigorating, but at 5.45am it really wasn’t! I’m absolutely not a morning person, and so the unexpected cold shower followed by the bounce on my bed as she jumped over me knowing that she had messed up, was a little too abrupt for my liking! That said it would appear that Mindy is a talented cat! The glass was not broken. In fact it remained half-full; wedged between the bedside table and the bed. I’m guessing that her extremely cute little habit of dipping her paw into the water, before drinking, went somewhat a rye! I really must tell her when drinking from a glass, that it is generally considered more civilised just to drink; not skiddle!

But then Mindy and her sister, Meg, are always up to something! Take night-time for example. I love them dearly, but would really appreciate it if they could keep it down to a dull roar while I’m trying to sleep. It would be a little more mannerly after all! You see . . they are always chasing each other during the night. Up and down stairs they run, then under the bed . . even over it too! And sometimes, occasionally, I even wake to find my two feline friends purring very loudly, having made themselves comfortable, on my stomach!

In fact, my cats spend much of their time together and are similar in a number of ways; most noticeably in colour for they are both jet black! This has proved to be a source of amusement in my household with must husband insisting (jokingly of course!) that I must be a witch! However (and joking aside) it is fortunate that I am alive today and not during the 16th century, when all black cats were suspected of being witches in disguise; and I (and my cats) would have been burned at the stake as a result! Hence, whilst it is not preferable to be woken-up at some unearthly hour by a splish-sploshing over zealous moggie; it is a far more preferable option to that faced by my ancestors and historical keepers of the beloved black cat . . . .


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