Packing Panic!

With an escape to sunnier climes fast approaching, my attention has now turned to packing; an activity that I relish about as much as ironing -YUK! (But that’s a whole different blog!!) The fact of the matter is that packing brings me out in hives! Yes that’s right . . . the mere mention of the word “suitcase” and I find myself anxiously clawing at the nearest patch of uncovered skin.

Now, I’m sure that many of you will see this as an over-reaction to a relatively mundane task; however for me, packing really does present a host of problems . . . some of which I will share with you now:

1. Shoes – How many pairs can I fit into my very distinctive (or embarrassing, as my daughter would probably say), cow print suitcase? My answer – NOT ENOUGH!!!! There’s flip-flops for the beach, comfy (but cute) shoes for sightseeing, killer-heels for nights out, wedges to match my maxi-dress that I intend on wearing to my friend’s wedding, and, of course, girly sandals for everything else in-between. It doesn’t take Carol Vorderman to calculate that I’m left with room in my suitcase for my toothbrush and a couple of hair slides!

2. Underwear – One thing I have learned is that, next to shoes and handbags, a girl cannot have enough underwear! Looking back I think my wee granny instilled this in me during my pre-pubescent years. “Imagine” she used to say “if by some misfortune, you end up at A&E and you don’t have on matching undies – that would be a very sorry state of affairs!”. Imagine indeed! Quite the fashion disaster that would be. Gok Wan would not be impressed. Hence, on holiday I like to follow the boy scout’s motto, and “be prepared” for all eventualities . . .

3. Hair and make-up products – Fun in the sun definitely calls for that “au natural” sun-kissed glow, however it takes several products to achieve this look. With moisturiser, foundation, concealer, eye-shadow, mascara, lip-gloss, bronzer, shampoo, conditioner, serum, mousse, hair-spray, dry shampoo, body scrubs, hair-straighteners and a loofah – that’s a whole lot of space!!

4. Books & Magazines – If I’m sitting in the departure lounge of the airport, on the plane, beside the pool or on the balcony without something to read – shoot me! Ever the bookworm, I require a book plus a magazine or two just in case the book is boring. Then of course I might also need another couple of books in case I finish the first one; and some more magazines in case the hotel maid develops an acute case of sticky fingers. It’s a never-ending cycle of publications . . . Of course all this could be prevented if the my hubby took on board my hints and bought me a Kindle . .

5. Does neatness count?? – When my husband packs everything is neatly folded, rolled, and organised by colour and function. It’s somewhat flat-packed, like IKEA filled his suitcase! In contrast when I pack, there is no such organisation, with items stuffed around and between shoes. Sometimes items are even crammed into shoes!

And what if it rains? Or there is a freak hurricane? (In Greece, unlikely, but not impossible, right??) There are so many potential fashion opportunities . . . how will I manage to pack it all??


So what do you think??

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