Reminiscing . . .


I have returned from a much-needed rest in the tranquil resort of Alikes on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. Despite stepping off the plane not four hours ago, I already feel the holiday blues creeping up on me, baring teeth and preparing to bite! I’m hoping, however, that if I wallow in sunny memories of that idyllic Ionian resort that I may be able to retain a similarly sunny disposition for a little longer . . .

Afterall I have much to be happy about! My trip brought me together with precious family and friends; whom I generally see only half as much as I should! (And not by choice I can assure you, it’s just that life always seems to get in the way of joyful gatherings). Indeed, it was a pleasure to be able to introduce my parents to the sandy cove where my husband and I got engaged last year, and to celebrate “Greek style” at the wedding of my friend, and the baptism of her two gorgeous children. And to add to the excitement there was a perfect storm and an unexpected blast from the past!

Of course I intend to blog madly over the coming days about my Grecian adventure, but for now I am content to reminisce inwardly, in order to digest the wonder of it all. Until tomorrow . . .

Yasoo . . . .


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