This past week I have been stung by wasps, chased by a freak tornado, travelled back in time to colonial Australia and been lost in the very far reaches of outer space. And no . . . before you start having concerns about my mental state . . . I am definitely not delusional! These are in fact my dreams! So varied and complex are these little gems of subconscious fiction that I’m confident that even the king of nightmares, Mr Freddy Kruger, would recoil in bewilderment.

One dream in particular I can recall with meticulous precision to detail. There I was, little ol’ me, waking up in my bed, but not in my bedroom . . . in a sticky gooey alien world made from Walnut Whip!! And betwixt and between each of the towering mallow mountains was a hideous monster waiting to drag me to its sticky lair. Now, I’m no expert in sleep related matters, but I do know that dreams have a tendency to manifest themselves as a subconscious interpretation of daily life. Which leads me to wonder why I dreamt of Walnut Whips?! I do not eat them nor like them even; and so it puzzles me as to their relevance.

Common sense, however, tells me that my busy life may play a part in the materialization of the weird and wonderful phenomena that stalks my non-waking hours. I work 37.5 plus hours a week, raise a child, volunteer when anyone asks me to, exercise (although not as much as I should), take my puppy to obedience classes, travel, cook, clean . . . the list goes on. And of course, the silliness of busyness is that sometimes you don’t realise how busy you are; you don’t realise you are in trouble! And so the stressors of daily life find other ways of escaping . . . of letting you know its time to slow down . . .


So what do you think??

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