Rules for Blogging . . .

Writing for me is a tonic . . . a pleasure in fact! It helps me cope with the daily stressors of life; providing an avenue to vent my frustrations, make sense of the confusing, and share my opinions and experiences. In short, the act of writing, keeps me sane! But today, as I sat down to write about a recent tragedy in my young daughter’s life, I suddenly wondered: Where is the line? What is ok to publish and what is not? And how do you know?

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this issue and I dare say it won’t be the last! I don’t mind posting about my own deep, dark thoughts and feelings, but when it involves other people it becomes difficult! What if I unwittingly offend someone I know or love? And what about controversial subjects? Do I want to even go there?

Some of the best bloggers are indeed my favourites because they can blog about anything and everything; however I’m sure that they too have limitations. And so after much procrastination, I have decided that a good rule of thumb is: don’t write anything about anyone in your blog that you can’t say to that person’s face, in a crowded room.


So what do you think??

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