The Bucket List

Today I watched the film “The Bucket List” for the first time! This is a comical but poignant portrait of life’s winter, seen through the eyes of two very different gentleman, but with one common realisation – that there are many things they would still like to do before their time on Earth expires! And so they create the ultimate “to do” list and vow to complete it before they “kick the bucket”. 

The film got me thinking about my own life and some of the activities, events and places that I would like to see and do. Of course, at thirty-three years of age I don’t plan to be going anywhere “otherworldly” anytime soon, but I figure it can’t hurt to write down a few of my dreams and attempt to evolve them into fruition.

And so I’d like to propose a toast … Here’s to making the most of life – to laughing till we cry … to seeing something majestic … to kissing the most beautiful boy/girl in the world. Here’s to the adventure that lies waiting around every corner of this wild but precious life.


So what do you think??

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