Caledonia calling …

Today I’m going home to Bonnie Scotland … home of tartan, highland cows and haggis; and also my wonderful family and friends. I can’t wait! The mere thought of venturing back to my roots fills me with anticipation akin to that of a child on Christmas Eve, awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.

My home town, Ayr, is a stunning little seaside sanctuary! Although suffice to say that I didn’t appreciate this fact until I moved many miles from the nearest beach, and seagulls became but a distant memory! And then there is the historical aspects of this little town, which have asserted its place on the world heritage stage. The Bard, Robert “Rabbie” Burns hailed from Alloway, now a suburb of Ayr. His poems, Tae a Mouse, Tae a Haggis, A Red, Red Rose and Tam O’ Shanter (to name but a few) are recognised and recited internationally. Throughout the ages Ayr has also been a focal point for Scottish independence with Robert Bruce and William Wallace both exhibiting a close affiliation to the town.

If scenery is your thing there is the beautiful views of the Isle of Arran and Ailsa Craig. Having grown up always able to look on these volcanic rock formations, I never really gave them much more than a passing glance – just to see if they were still there, I suppose. But having moved away three years ago I have discovered that I now miss those views, and that absence really does make the heart grow fonder! 

Of course I wouldn’t change my current life, for all the tea in China (and I’m a huge lover of tea!); I’m just glad that I can return to my homeland, experience its delights, and feel thoroughly enchanted by it!

And so its time for me to pack my suitcase, and let the butterflies gather in my stomach! Happy Monday, peeps!


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