Memories of Amsterdam

I have chosen to share some photo’s with you of my recent trip to a very cold and wintry Amsterdam.

One of my favourite memories of this wonderfully vibrant city is the Dutch sense of style – the fact that streets are full of locals riding around town on their bicycles and looking effortless in the process; creating an altogether unique atmosphere. Of course, the infrastructure is such that cycling is the most logical way to get around. Flat, narrow streets meander alongside elegant canals (second to none, with the exception of Venice!), and thoughtfully designed cycle lanes even come complete with their own traffic lights!!

In fact it was in ‘The Dam’ that I learned that there are over one million bicycles in the city – a few thousand of which are permanently tied up to bridges, railings and anything else fit for purpose. I have to admit that whilst cycling definitely has its advantages in this busy city, I wouldn’t enjoy having to locate my two-wheeler following a long day at the office. I have difficulty trying to recall where I’ve parked my car, in a much less crowded environment!!.

And so for me Amsterdam is a far cry from red-lights, cannabis and partying (although I did enjoy a ‘rode wijn’ or three!). Venturing away from the beaten track you will find a city pulsating with art, history, beautiful canals and bicycultural style!

All in all I found Amsterdam to be delightful and fascinating – I will definitely be back! But for now I can cross it off the list ….


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