Five reasons to watch the Hunger Games (again!) … according to a ten year old!


My daughter Hannah - Hunger Games Fan

The Hunger Games movie is all I hear about from my ten year old daughter! Apparently she loves it, but to me it seems more like she’s borderline obsessed. I am currently losing the battle to view any other film when we go to the cinema tomorrow; “SOOOO GOOD!” was the adolescent thriller the first time round (according to Hannah!).

So far I have been presented with five reasons that argue Hannah’s case for being allowed to watch this film for a second time; although I’m anticipating several more before tomorrow. I thought I’d share ‘the Big Five’ with you today:

1. “It’s the best film I’ve ever seen!” – The simplest of arguments, yes, but something of a statement from my movie buff daughter, who has more dvds than the local rental store!

2. “It inspires me!” – What? She wants to run amock and injure others? Or invent a real life version of the Hunger Games? This point took some clarification … However Hannah reassures me that she is inspired only to pursue a career in the performing arts! Or to be precise she wants to have a career as a vet and an actress. I anticipate she is going to be a busy girl in an altogether different cut-throat environment!

3. “I have read the book now, so I have to compare it to the Movie!” – The statement of a girl wise beyond her years! Perhaps a career as a vet and an actress is not beyond her reach.

4. “But you haven’t seen it yet Mum!” – Perhaps her most persuasive argument! Not to mention the cutest of cute, emotional blackmail attempt!

5. “But it won’t be out on dvd for AGES!!!!” – Is six months really ages? Thinking back to my own childhood, a week felt like an lifetime. I suppose for a ten year old six months must seem like a eternity!

And so I must come to a decision …. to take Hannah to her second helping of the “coolest film around” or to insist on seeing something completely different. Admittedly I am a little curious about the film that has got my beautiful girl so psyched ………

Funny Movies Ecard: May you not be slaughtered by teenagers while fighting for a good seat at The Hunger Games.


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