Under the ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’ Sea

As April showers descended on Easter Monday, and puddles filled every nook and cranny of the pavements outside, my thoughts turned to the near impossible task of entertaining my not so easy-to-please ten-year old! Anywhere that offered “indoor fun” was going to be busy, and hustle and bustle was something I relished as much as tackling the mountain of ironing that is growing in my laundry cupboard! But as a full-time working Mum I try to grab every non-working opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter; and so we decided to visit the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

As predicted the place was awash (excuse the pun) with people trying to escape the torrents of rain; but amongst the buzz my daughter and I discovered an unexpected serenity. Indeed, it is said that watching fish swimming in a tank has the ability to de-stress and relax, and after our underwater adventure I wholeheartedly agree! In the words of Sebastian, that famous lobster of Disney creation: “We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea”.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our Blue Planet experience:

Reflections of a Caiman

Deep Blue Sea

Something told us that we were being watched! I wonder if we are as relaxing to watch as the fish are to us?

The main reason I don't swim in the sea on holiday!

What big teeth you have!!



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