Butterbeer Delights!

My family are lovers of all things Harry Potter! We have all of JK Rowling’s novels and all of the dvds. We have just booked tickets for the Warner Bros studio tour – The Making of Harry Potter, in London; something we are very excited about! Giddy as my daughter and I were yesterday, we decided to focus our energy on a favourite pass time – baking! And how better to capture our mood than to re-create a culinary delight courtesy of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Butterbeer – a cold baking treat!!

After a quick scour of the internet I found several recipes that pay tribute to this fictional beverage. I also discovered that there is no general consensus as to the ingredients of butterbeer. Some recipes use butter, others use butterscotch. Some are mixed with cream soda, some with root beer or apple cider, while others are made with actual beer (ale to be precise!). In the Harry Potter heptalogy butterbeer is described as “slightly alcoholic” with humans experiencing a warming sensation when drinking it, while house-elfs can get positively drunk!

The alcoholic versions are typically made with butterscotch schnapps while the non-alcoholic version is made with butterscotch syrup. I have also learned that butterbeer is a real beverage made, originally, by the Tudors from ale, sugar, egg-yolk, nutmeg and butter.

After much deliberation I decided to make my own version of butterbeer – a butterbeer float! I opted to use butterscotch ice-cream, coupled with warm cream soda (of course, you can also have it cold if you’d prefer) and topped with butterscotch syrup …. yum!

Happy Baking!!


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