Eleven Hunger Games cake ideas for an eleventh birthday

I have mentioned before that my daughter is a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games. She has seen the film twice and is on her third sitting of the Suzanne Collins trilogy. Yes this particular offering of teen-fiction provides Hannah with a daily retreat into the realms of her own imagination. And so, it was no surprise when, during a brief conversation about her eleventh birthday, she added that she would like a Hunger Games cake.

Thankfully I have eight weeks or so to rise to the challenge; but today I decided to carry out an internet search of any Hunger Games themed cakes out there. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed! Here are what I consider to be eleven of the best ….

A tribute to Peeta’s camouflage skills by Esplin

Cornucopia Cake by Esplin

Blood & Roses Cake by Esplin

Katniss & Peeta’s Last Moments in the Arena Cake at Icanhascheeseburger
cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Hunger Games Cake

Hunger Games Cupcakes by Jedijessicuh

Do you ‘hunger’ for a good book?
Cake by: Cakes by Setia 

Cake on Fire by Baked Impressions

The Hunger Games birthday cake

Fierce Fire Cupcakes by Cupcakestakethecake

More Hunger Games Cupcakes at Cupcakestakethecake

The Trilogy Cake by Fictionalfood

The Hunger Games Trilogy Cake

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour Cake by The Cake Bar

Hunger Games Quote Cake!

So there you have it, eleven cake ideas for an eleventh birthday! Which Hunger Games cake is your favorite? Which one would you most like to eat?


So what do you think??

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