A dream writing retreat!

I am going to tell you about this one in a series of pictures …

Iceland … the land of fire and ice!! A wonderful juxtaposition of nature and beautiful with it. Volcanos, glaciers, waterfalls, wide open spaces, interesting architecture and the Northern Lights – I have always wanted to go there!  I have been told that it’s not nearly as cold as everyone assumes, and even if it was, I spent three decades of my life in Scotland and know all about teeth-chattering weather! Plus I also own ‘my duvet’ aka a cozy, snug-as-a-bug, thermal coat that I would most definitely be taking with me.

I find Iceland inspiring – it is the setting for my first novel, currently a work in progress. Yes … I am more than sure that a visit to this stunning country would evoke a great number of fictional musings (after a few days sightseeing, of course!). I would also be able to cross it off the list!

Do you have a dream writing retreat? (Or what would be your most unusual holiday destination if you are not a writer?)


4 thoughts on “A dream writing retreat!

  1. A dream writing retreat — a nice little place on the ocean — any ocean – maybe off the coast of Maine or Hawaii or Greece – yes, and even Iceland!

  2. This is an absolutely gorgeous place. Definitely think it would be a nice writing retreat….even if you were inside by a nice cozy fire overlooking some of these view. Thanks for sharing! You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

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