I’m feeling a little stressed out these days because I don’t feel as if I’ve been as productive as I’d hoped to be. There are so many things I’d wanted to have accomplished at this stage in the year… that I haven’t done! My hall isn’t decorated (wallpaper isn’t even stripped off the walls!); my exercise regime is completely to pot; my blog is far, far away from that magical 100 posts; and my first novel isn’t nearly as far along as it should be!!


I’ve learned that writing a novel whilst working a full-time job is incredibly tiring. Indeed, switching off the ‘Health Practitioner’ side of me after a long day visiting patients, and then awakening the writer in me, when I get home, can be a challenge. And lets face it the writing market is competitive – there is pressure to produce something unique, that will knock readers’ socks off! That can be very hard to accomplish after an eight-hour shift. But my writing cannot be weak, not even for one second; and so I work, work, work… HARD!

I remember reading on Amanda Hocking’s blog once about understanding how people become work-a-holics.  She said that you feel like you can’t stop to take a breath, because you feel like if you do, all your hard work will unravel faster than you can put it back together. I completely understand that now.


There is also pressure to keep people up to speed with what I’m doing… there’s  texting, emails, blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc… an endless amount of communicating in addition to writing.


And there’s the pressure that comes with being a responsible and loving mum, wife and slave to my feline and canine friends.

But whilst pressure is stressful… I like it too!

Pressure keeps me on track (mostly!) Pressure drives me to be more creative, to work harder. Pressure has seen me evolve into a better person.  I couldn’t deal with everything I have to deal with these days, four years ago (before my move to Manchester and before I’d thought about writing a book). Over time, I’ve had new layers of pressure thrown at me.  And over time it’s made me all the more capable of handling everything that’s being thrown on my shoulders (even if it’s me that’s throwing it on my shoulders).

“When we long for life without difficulties,
remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and
diamonds are made under pressure”
-Peter Marshall


So what do you think??

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