I am “MammaHannah”.
I choose this name for my blog, as I am mother to a precious daughter, “Hannah”. I have a love for the African continent, especially East Africa. There I would be referred to as “Mamma Hannah”, always named after your first born child.

I am a Scottish Lass through and through (and no-matter where I am in the world, it will always be in my heart!). It is where I was born and grew up!

I LOVE to travel and explore, and did much of this throughout my earlier life. I like to be “dazzled” by sudden unexpected life changes, that open a door to a place I have not seen before. I am very interested in other cultures, rituals, languages and people. I love art and writing; and I currently spend much of “my spare time” (the rarest of occasions) painting or delving into the magical world of my first novel.

Today, I work and live in Greater Manchester with my two beautiful daughters and wonderful husband Michael.

“MammaHannah” is a regular update on things that make me feel so blessed in life, that inspire me and keep me busy. A glimpse into my daily life; keeping family, friends and the World well informed…


So what do you think??

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